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Officially Closed !
Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello guys.. Sanchia here, the owner of this blog.. Hehehe…

How are u guys ?? Hope u're fine out there… ^^ My life is becoming more and more busy.. Aishhh… I'm so stress right now.. I hope my holiday will come soon.. I've already tired.. My activities are just school, go home, eat, take a bath, study, and sleep.. Everyday my life is just like that.. Oh God, what a boring life !! I hope my life can be happier..

Btw, coz I'm too busy right now.. I'll close this blog.. From today, my blog is OFFICIALLY CLOSED.. The reason is coz I can't update this blog anymore.. I don't have enough time to open and update my blog.. So.. I'm sorry guys.. Mianhaeyo~~~ *bow*

But… I'll try to make a new blog as soon as possible.. If I'm free, I'll make a new one.. Wait for me guys.. ^^

Ahh… FYI, my new blog's address will be "xoxo-ordinarygirls.blogspot.com", So please visit me ya guys.. Thx…




신 애 리

Sanchia C. L.

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JaeChun - Colors
Friday, July 31, 2009


CD DVD: $17-19 USD
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Credits: DNBN
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk-saranghae.forumotion.net +

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I was Sick !!! But not anymore.. hehehehe.. Hmm.. Yeah, i still cough, but much better than a several days ago la.. FYI, saveral days ago i had a very high fever, headache, cough, and flu.. T.T My fever was over than 39 degree celcius !! Ck ck ck.. Fortunately, I was ok.. Hehehe.. That's one of the reasons, why i couldn't ol.. At that time, i was also very afraid of H1N1 and "Demam Berdarah" (btw what is it called ? Hmm.. Dunno la, i'm 4get.. hahaha.. i just remember, ".... fever" XD), Coz the indication is also high fever rite ??


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Wua2... It's been a long time i didn't update my OWN bloggie.. Even my friend ask me 'bout it.. Hahaha.. Sorry2 guys, i'm 2 lazy 4 that... XD and.. i also busy u know ?! FYI, my school is getting busier and busier haru haru (day by day).. T.T So, i can't ol every day.. I gt more and more homework evryday.. aishh.. what a boring life.. =.= Does my life can change ?? I mean change to a new life, which is a happier life.. Can i ???


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Holiday's O-V-E-R !!!!!
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wuaaaa...... >.< My holiday has officially ENDED !!!! Hell Yeah ! E N D !!!!!!

It's time 2 back 2 school~~~ Hello Books, Bye2 internet....
n U know what ?! I'm not at the same class with my bestfriends !!!!! I'm ALONE !!!!! Even 3 of my bestfriends are at the same class ! Only me who stucking on different class... Hikz.. Hikz... That's not fair !!!!! I wan with my Bestfriends !!!!!!
They, my bestfriends, are on XI IPA 6... I'm at XI IPA 4 !!!!!! A-L-O-N-E !!!
Hikz.. Gv back my friends to me... TT______TT

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Download Section
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yo yo yo.... Now i'm making a download's post... Hehehe.. ^.^
U can download songs from here.. But i din have a lot of songs 2 share.. Just seadanya la.. XD
1. Talk To Me by U-kiss
2. Hate you (i'm sori i'm 4get whose song it's. XD)
3. Hot Issue by 4minutes
4. Stand By U - Tohoshinki ♥♥♥

That's all.. XD

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Becca, here I post the download link of "Fight The Bad Feeling by T-Max". I thought it's a song which u heard here.. Have u already download it Becca ?? If not u can download here.. ^^
I've already uploaded it by myself, so u can download it for FREE !! Hahaha.. XD
Ok2.. Here ==> Fight The Bad Feeling (Ballad Ver.)by T-Max and Fight The Bad Feeling (Dance Ver.) by T-Max

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Wuahhh... We had a lot of fun yesterday.. ^^
Coz yesterday is my daddy b'day, my family n me went 2 TP 4 had a dinner.. We ate at Golden Jade Restaurant.. But unfortunately We haven't watched Transformer 2 coz we ran out of the ticket !!! Hikz.. Hikz.. T.T I wanna watch Transformer~~~~ TT.TT
So, after finished our dinner we just "jalan-jalan" in TP.. Ohh, My Daddy also bought a new jeans at X8.. Then, we bought Baskin and Robbins ! 2 liters !! So Yummy !! Hahaha.. XD
Tak terasa, time gone by so fast.. It's ady 10 pm.. Our time 2 go home.. So we all went back home..
Yesterday was a happy B'day 4 my daddy n My family.. ^.^
ehh Btw i took a pic lho.. Here.. But there is no my lil bro pics coz he's too busy with his food !! So i couldn't take his pics.. Hahaha.. XD

My Daddy n My Mommy

My Grandma n Me

last but not least..

ME !!! XD This pics i took before we went 2 TP.. I took 2 pics !! XD
am I cute ?? Hahaha.. Kidding2.. :)

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm offline now....

Can't ol 'till midnight
coz My family n Me will have a dinner 2 celebrate my daddy b'day..
n We also will watch a Movie.. Transformer 2 !!! Yey !!! Photobucket Hahaha...
Ok la.. Bye2..


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Yesterday on 00.01, My mommy, my lil bro, my grandma, n me secretly woke up my father.. We wanted 2 gave him a suprise, coz 2day is My Daddy B'day.. ^^
at 00.01 We're sneaking Photobucket 2 my daddy rooms.. He slept ady !! But we wake up him with our b'day songs.. Hahaha.. n We successed !! Photobucket
Started from My mommy, we gv him a b'day congrats.. Then I gv him a presents~~~ Act, that's not only present from me, but that's also from My mommy n My lil bro.. ^.^
I took pics... Please dun be laugh.. We all looked so messy, coz it's at 12 o'clock !! So please2 dun laugh !!! XD

My daddy with d present n bread.. ahh.. We use a bread as a B'day cake, coz we hvn't bought a b'day cake.. 4got.. XD XD XD

My Daddy with me ^^ Please dun laugh...

My Daddy n My Mommy

My Lil Bro with My Daddy

My Grandma with My Daddy

When opened the present

When read the b'day cards

After that, we all made noodles n Spaghetti 4 wish a long life.. XD
We're very happy yesterday.. But Unfortunately, This year, we can celebrate my daddy b'days with my grandpa, coz he passed away several months ago.. So sad.. T.T
But i believe he's happy now, at Heaven... ^.^

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